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Build Bridges to the Future with Rachel Donovan

As a Bridge Inspector for Caltrans, Rachel Donovan shares what it is like to be the only woman in the state of California who is ropes-access-certified, and how her thrilling work of scaling bridges directly impacts the daily lives of commuters.

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California's Super Rail with Michelle Boehm

After taking on the role of Southern California Regional Director for the High Speed Rail project 7 for years, Michelle Boehm shares what leading and developing such a large scale project can entail, and how important new development and community outreach are to our future.

Inspiring the Future of Sustainable Transportation with Dr. Hilary Nixon

Dr. Hilary Nixon is a professor of at San Jose State University and the Deputy Executive Director of the Mineta Transportation Institute. She is an excellent example of how being involved in education and research directly affects the evolution of the transportation industry.

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Sustainability and Safety on Commutes with John Brazil

John Brazil is the Active Transportation Program Manager for the city of San Jose who focuses on making the city accessible, safe, and sustainable for commuters while highlighting how underprivileged communities are directly impacted by city planning.

What You can do to Support Sustainable Infrastructure with Dr. Beverly Scott

Dr. Beverly Scott has a long history in the transportation industry, from being appointed onto the National Infrastructure Advisory Council by President Obama in 2011, to creating a youth outreach program to educate children on what the industry has to offer. Dr. Scott has managed transportation systems in 9 different states, and has over 30 years of leadership experience.

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